Jermaine E Gill (born March 6,1989) known as Emmanuel Obamas, and Renaldo J Gill (born June 13,1991) also known as Dread Head Gillie; two bloodline brothers from Louisville, Kentucky. Emmanuel Obamas and Dread Head Gillie, join forces as Commander & Chief. The C&C brother’s music is urban hip-hop that was written and created for a diverse audience that share similar upbringing and circumstances in life.

Emmanuel Obamas and Dread Head Gillie’s mission is to have a platform to touch the disenfranchised and to create music that will reflect the struggle of those that are stereotyped and labeled in society.

Emmanuel Obamas began writing lyrics, songs, and hooks at the age of 14, but in 2004 began taking his passion for music to a new level. Entering in local hip-hop contest and winning a top spot, Emmanuel gained the opportunity to create his first demo CD entitled “Chronicles of Emmanuel”. Later in 2010 Emmanuel invested in studio equipment and started his own record label named “Commander & Chief Entertainment LLC”, going on to release his single “Hate on Me” mixtape song and video.

Inspired by his childhood friends and older brother Dread Head Gillie begin writing and recording music at the age of 18 and building his own reputation as an artist. The C&C brothers started collaborating as a team and by 2015 Emmanuel Obamas signed Dread Head Gillie as his first artist to the Commander & Chief label. Since, coming together the brothers have recorded, and performed several songs together.

They released their first single mixtape song “I GOT A PLUG” in 2015, and got grave reviews. Also, performing the single at the “King of Diamonds” night club in Miami, FL. The two continued their collaborating and released their single “GOING CRAZY” in 2016 and in 2017 “MANSIONS & FORIEGNS”.

Check out the “Going Crazy” (mixtape) on Spinrilla @ https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/emmanuel-obamas-dread-head-gillie-going-crazy-the-mixtape

I Got A Plug

Going Crazy

Mansions & Foreigns

Going Crazy (Mix)


2006 (Demo) “Chronicles of Emmanuel” by Emmanuel Obamas
2014 (Single mixtape) “Hate on me” by Emmanuel Obamas
2015 (Single mixtape) “I got a plug” by Dread Head Gillie and Emmanuel Obamas
2015 (Demo mixtape) “The Epidemic Vol #1” by Dread Head Gillie, E Obamas, Yola, and Chris
2016 (Single) “Going Crazy” by Dread Head Gillie and Emmanuel Obamas
2016 (Single mixtape) “I said It” by Dread Head Gillie
2017 (Single) “Mansions & Foreign” by Dread Head Gillie and Emmanuel Obamas
2017(Mixtape)”Going Crazy” The Mixtape by Dread Head Gillie and Emmanuel Obamas
2018(Single) “I Salute” by Dread Head Gillie and Emmanuel Obamas
2018(Single) “Sell Dope or Rob” by Dread Head Gillie & Emmanuel Obamas



2015 Club Liv Louisville, Kentucky US
2016 King of Diamonds Miami, Florida US
2016 SXST- Conference Austin, Texas US
2016 Birthday Bash Block Party Atlanta, Georgia US
2016 Atlanta Battle Ground Atlanta, Georgia US
2017 Birthday Bash Block Party Atlanta, Georgia US


CMG Records

DJ Smallz Eye 2
• Keep an eye out on Commander & Chief
• Commander & Chief reflect on foster care and share suggestions to fix the foster care system
• Do’s and Don’ts at Kentucky Derby by Commander & Chief


Hate on me

I got a plug

Going Crazy

I said it

King of Diamond Takeover

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