Emmanuel Obamas Bio

Jermaine E. Gill (born March 6, 1989) better known by his stage name Emmanuel Obamas is an American rapper and song writer from Louisville, Ky. He lost his mother at the age of 12, and he never knew his father. With no parental guidance, the streets began to raise him.  He endured many trials and tribulations. It was during this difficult time that he was forced to go to a boot camp for boys. Emmanuel Obamas began writing music at the tender age of 14, but in 2004 began taking his passion for music to a new level. Upon his release from boot camp he began to prefect his craft as an artist. Entering in local hip-hop contest and winning a top spot. Emmanuel Obamas gained opportunity to create is first demo CD entitled “Chronicles of Emmanuel”, going on to release his single “Hate on Me” mixtape single, song, and video. Emmanuel’s musical style is generally universal with his versatile, and vivid lyrics. Emmanuel was influenced by artist such as; Jay-Z, Tupac, 50 Cent, and Drake. In 2014 Emmanuel began to collaborate with his younger brother Dread Head Gillie. Emmanuel is featured on the hit single on I-Tunes titled “I Got A Plug” by Dread Head Gillie. As Emmanuel Obamas continue his climb in the music industry his objective of making music is to receive a production and distribution deal.

Dread Head Gillie Bio

Renaldo James Gill, (born June 13, 1991), better known by his stage name Dread-Head Gillie is an American rapper, songwriter, and engineer hailing from Louisville, Ky. Best known for his hit freestyle titled “Brainstorming” that was debuted on Sound Cloud in 2013. Dread-Head Gillie is no stranger to heart ache, and pain at age six his mother passed away. He was raised by his older sister Araminta Gill; it was at that point his love for music took a leading role in his life. It was an escape from the harsh reality that surrounded him every day. Inspired by his older brother Jermaine, he longed to get behind the mic and follow in his footsteps. Influenced by artist such as Tupac, Nas, Biggie, and Future just to name a few; he places a piece of his heart and soul within every track. He has opened for artist such as Ice Wear Vezzo, Peezy, Young Jeezy.


His hit single on I-Tunes titled “Got A Plug” featuring Emmanuel Obamas is quickly becoming a household name. With mix-tapes titled “Heroine Music the Epidemic Vol. 1” and “Project Lyrics” featuring various artist he is quickly proving that he’s got next in the industry.

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